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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Value Time

So, I was snooping around on Pinterest, my new found addiction, and found a great idea. (The idea is from Mrs. T and her site is great so check it out here). Anyway, I decided to modify the idea and use scrapbook paper to make the value mats. First, I cut a 12"x 12" paper in half to make two 12" x 6" papers. I then cut two 3" x 3" squares and two 3" x 1" rectangles. I made a slew of mats at the same time and coordinated the different pieces to match each mat. I wanted to remember which pieces went with what mat so I numbered the back of the mat and the coordinating pieces. I glued the squares onto the mats, being careful to leave space for the little rectangles, then laminated both the mats and the little rectangles. After the laminating was a cut out I attached the little rectangles to the mats with fasteners. Now, the kids can determine if the value of two numbers they're given are less than, equal to, or greater than. So fun and easy.
Here are some pics for you visual learners:

1. Number on the back of the 6" x 12"

2. Number on the back of the 3" x 1" little rectangles

3. Lay out of the value mat before laminating.

4. The value mat with the squares glued on then laminated.

5. The tools and pieces needed to assemble the mat.

6. I put the little rectangles where I wanted them then poked the craft knife through both the rectangle and the mat to make little placement holes to mark the exact spot.

7. I put the fastener through the rectangle.

8. Notice the fastener is in the center of the little rectangle.

9. I then put the fastener through the mat and spread open the prongs to secure the placement of the little rectangle.

10. Here is the mat showing the equal sign.

11. Here is the mat showing the less than sign.

12. Here is the mat showing the greater than sign.

13. Here is the end result.

 I also typed up the directions as a document.  You can download the directions for FREE on my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.  Happy creating!
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Back in Black

Well, this poor blog has been most neglected for the past two years. I do have a bit of an excuse though. In the past two years my hubby started traveling a lot for work, which makes me a part time single mom. Also, I had baby number three. By the way, he was born on the first day of this school year! Crazy timing, eh? I was on maternity leave for the first quarter of this year and jumped right back in to first grade life in November. I feel like I finally have enough bearings to attempt to blog again. So... here it goes! Hopefully my big come back isn't too disappointing. ;)
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