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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Burnt Out Blues

I have the end of the school year burnt out blues.  How about you?  Life has been so busy for me.  Besides the end of the school year chaos I had two big whirlwinds hit me.  In April my hubby was assigned to work in Texas.  Too bad, so sad for me. I am now a semi-single mom.  My hubby does get to come home often but all I can say is single moms are a-maz-ing.  Seriously, they deserve angel wings!  I also suddenly became the mommy of twins.  My nephew, who is twelve days younger than my baby, came to live with us.  We love him dearly but another "all I can say" is that parents of twins deserve angel wings too.  Now it's the end of the school year for me.  I have had a really neat group of kids this year.  I also have a very disorganized, piles everywhere, mess of a classroom waiting for me to pack up.  (Insert exhausted sigh).  Needless to say I have had little time to blog or post anything here.  I'm hoping to post more this summer as I prepare to take on the common core standards.  I'm excited-scared about adopting the CCSS.  Excited because I get to create new, fun things for my future students to use.  Excited because I feel like I need a refresher to revitalize my teaching practices.  Scared because I'm journeying into the unknown.  Scared because I have so much to do and so little time to do it with.  Is anyone else feeling excited-scared about common core?  Is anyone else experiencing the end of the school year burnt out blues?  If you are we'll get through it all together! :)school blog signature

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