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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Writer's Eye Glasses

Hello everyone.  I'm pleased to post a tutorial for making the Writer's Eye Glasses.  I enlisted the help of my hubby, since he is the genius behind the Writer's Eye Glasses.  So, without further delay, here goes the tutorial...

You'll need to gather supplies... 2 embroidery hoops (I used 14 inch hoops here), spray paint, 2 small black paper plates, a cut of vinyl (I had a 16 inch piece cut to ensure it covered my hoops), a piece of wood (I cut a 12 inch long piece of 11/16"x1" pine), and screws (I used #6x3/4" brass wood screws).  I bought all of the supplies new and it cost under $14.  I also had left over supplies so if you already have some of this stuff use it and save some money honey!

1.  Lay out the hoops and wood piece.  Decide where you want the wood piece to be on the glasses.

2.  After you find the right spot trace the curve of the hoops onto the wood piece.

3.  Here is what the lines look like after being traced.

4.  Using a saw cut the wood along your trace marks.  

5.  Here is what the cut piece of wood looks like.

6.  Place the wood piece where it belongs between the outer hoops.  Mark where you want to place screws being careful to note the screw size.  Oh, and if you want to skip the screws you can use gorilla glue or wood glue to attach the wood piece.  You'll just have to let it sit overnight after gluing before you can finish the project.

7.  Here are some close ups of the marks.

8.  Make pilot holes in the hoop to guide you.

9.  Line up the pilot holes with the wood piece and draw marks to guide you.

10.  Here is a shot of the marks.

11.  Screw holes in the wood piece using the pencil guide marks.

12.  Screw the screws through the pilot holes attaching the outer hoops to the wood piece.

13.  The glasses frames are now assembled!

14.  Spray paint all the glasses pieces and let dry.

15.  Lay out the vinyl piece.  Cut the vinyl in two.

16.  Place the vinyl over the outer hoop.  Make sure to pull the vinyl back as tight and smooth as you can to avoid big wrinkles in the "lenses".

17.  Once you've got the vinyl just right screw the inner hoop down and trim off the excess vinyl from the sides.

18.  You're all done!  Now you have a fun pair of giant Writer's Eye Glasses for your classroom.

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