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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spotted in First Grade

So, I've officially been back at the teaching game since August 6.  Can I just state that I AM EXHAUSTED!  Every year I seem to discount exactly how tiring the first of the school year can be. Between prepping your classroom , Meet the Teacher Night, actually teaching your new students, and managing your own household... I'm tired just typing that!  I have Curriculum Night in a few days and I'm hoping when that is history I will finish readjusting to teacher life.  I miss summer but I am excited for this school year.  I've got a great bunch of firsties that I get the honor of working with.  Sigh.  Smile. And now for a peek at the back to school board I showcased...
My teacher bud had a parent give her a stack of pre-cut circular scrapbook paper.  She came to me asking for an idea to use it.  I started bouncing around ideas and I came up with "SPOTTED... Great work".  She wanted an area to display her students' work you see.  Well, I then liked my thought so much that I created a bulletin board that read "SPOTTED in first grade".  I emailed my students' parents and requested that they send me a photo of their firstie.  I then displayed the photos inside the dots that I cut with my handy dandy Silhouette machine.  Anyway, I was proud of myself so I wanna show it all off.  Sometimes we all gotta give ourselves some props you know! ;). What will your back to school board look like?

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