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Monday, March 8, 2010

Author Showcase

Getting the children excited about reading and writing is sometimes hard to do. One thing I try to do is showcase an author each month. Here's how I do it:
1. Choose an author that will appeal to the children.
2. Research that author's life story and the books he/she has written.
3. Find a photo of the author and a few snippets of their book covers.
4. Type up a little blurb stating the facts I learned about the author. I especially try to include facts that the kids will like.
5. I print out the blurb and photos and prepare them to be pasted onto a 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbook paper. Sometimes I have to re-size all the pics to ensure a proper layout.
6. I build a layout on the scrapbook paper that showcases all the info and photos I collected.
7. I place the finished showcase in a 12 x 12 frame and place it where the children will see it. (I found mine at Michael's craft store).

Note: I use the same frame each month, I just switch out the author showcase!
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