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Monday, March 8, 2010

Morning Meeting

Each morning the children come in and do morning work. After that is completed we hold our daily morning meeting. During morning meeting the star student of the week gets to run the meeting. The children have little notebooks they bring to the carpet and we go over the daily business.

Here is a sample agenda:
1. How many days have we been in first grade?
2. What is the date today?
3. Did anyone loose a tooth and/or are there any birthdays today?
4. What is the weather like outside today?
5. What was yesterday, what is today, and what will tomorrow be?
6. Review months of the year & days of the week.
7. Build a word for the day using the magnets and wall mounted cookie sheets.
8. Solve the daily math word problem using the magnets as well.
9. Add a new word to the monthly word list.
10. Review any other skills as needed.
11. News and schedule review for the day.

For each of the tasks on the agenda the star student picks a stick out the basket. Each stick has a student's name on it. When the star student picks a stick that child completes the task on the agenda. The morning meeting builds classroom community, instills public speaking skills in the children, and helps cement learned skills in the kids' bright brains. All this is accomplished in about 15 minutes...I love having a morning meeting!

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  1. What a great idea for the Star student to pick the 'helpers' for morning meeting! I am going to start this tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great idea -- this helps to prepare children for the work world and big time "staff meetings". I love that it reinforces public speaking skills and offers each student an opportunity for "leadership". Fantastic!

  3. Great idea! Do you have a worksheet/fill in page for the kids in their notebooks to write the agenda? Thanks!